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Today’s business and legal environments demand that employers make compliant, smart and informed hiring decisions. Internal company challenges such as limited human capital, lack of diversity and inefficient operating systems can lead to missteps along the way, that affect employee morale, motivation and performance and ultimately directly impact your business’ bottom line.


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With our customizable services and strategic approaches, ARM can help you meet your organization needs by building a workplace transformation roadmap addressing company preparedness to adopt in changing times, assessing organizational risks associated with these changes.

Business as usual is now layered with more considerations than ever before.  Racial Equity, Diversity Equity and Inclusion, Fair Compensation are hot button topics that can cause unforeseen stress to even the best of organizations. Couple those considerations  with the challenges of maintaining a  skilled workforce and the capacity of any organization will feel stretch beyond its ability to maintain proficiencies. ARM is here to mitigate the challenges in order for organizations to make the best decisions regarding these topics.

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ARM Provides HR solutions that evaluate every area of the workforce that impacts our clients’ strategic and operational objectives. We serve as a full-functioning HR support services entity for all types of organizations with experience and specialization as highlighted below.


  • Employer Policy and Procedures

  • Staff Augmentation & Recruitment

  • Compensation Analysis

  • Organizational Assessments

  • Training & Development

  • Full Life Cycle Recruitment

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  • Saves the company cost and time by outsourcing

  • Incorporate the tenets of diversity, equity and inclusion into the culture and values of the organization

  • Develop and train talent

  • Build and sustain a robust workforce

  • Establish boundaries, guidelines, and best practices

Client Success Story 

ARM HR conducted an organizational assessment and compensation study for a client to evaluate their preparedness to adapt in this changing environment and assess the "people and organizational" risks associated with these changes. Also conducted was a compensation study review of salary and wages to help determine the fair and competitive compensation based on locality and fiscal health of the organization.

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