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ARM Tech


ARM Tech is here to develop and support the immediate needs and long term vision for your organization’s digital technology requirements. We utilize the latest technologies while providing a top tier level of response and solutions. Our IT employees are highly skilled certified professionals. We are experts at solving complex problems. ARM Tech typically responds to request within the hour.

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Whether the requirements  are centered around security,  backup/recovery or  management, ARM Tech takes a proactive approach to IT management by implementing a preventative maintenance strategy based on your companies needs and priorities. 

Commonly reoccurring threats in the IT world, such as viruses, worms, phishing attacks, social engineering, identity theft and ransomware are on the rise. A dedicated focus on protection against these incidents require expertise that is able to navigate thru the modern complexities of today’s evolving occurrences.  At ARM we are confident in our ability to stay in front of any potential catastrophic problems and allow business to remain uninterrupted.

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In addition to protection from cyber attacks, ARM provides collaboration tools wherever your team is in the world, and whenever they are ready to contribute, these powerful collaboration tools are at their fingertips.  ARM addresses every level of difficulty that your team might encounter, from basic Tier 1 to the most complex Tier 4 issues that require collaboration with 3rd party vendors.  Bottom line we are there how you need us and when you need us.


  • Cloud Services

  • Unified Communication/Collaboration

  • Security

  • Technical Support/Help Desk

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  • Deployment of an M365 solution to fit your business needs

  • Enable teams to work together and overcome the constraint of physical location

  • Protection for your information, computer systems and networks, especially as it relates to integrity, availability, authentication, confidentiality and nonrepudiation   

Client Success Story


During the COVID 19 pandemic the Federal Agency had a larger number of users teleworking. ARM assessed the current limitations at the system level for each 3rd party software that the Federal Agency uses to track vulnerabilities that impacted the  appropriate update or upgrade to address the vulnerability.

We created a method that uses the configuration item and baseline tool set in SCCM, and then created a set of rules that are pushed out to all systems and does a daily check at the system level for each 3rd party software the Federal Agency uses to track vulnerabilities then reports to the SCCM tool and then is automatically assigned the appropriate update or upgrade to address the vulnerability. 

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